Porta de Santa Catarina


Porta de Santa Catarina – Vinhos Unipessoal Lda., was founded in 17th March 2009, as a result of the division of the Sociedade Agrícola Poeiras e Xarepe Lda. The Porta de Santa Catarina brand, which at the turn of the millenium (year 2000) produced its first crop, has as its Wine making specialist and managing partner José Poeiras.

Porta de Santa Catarina – Vinhos Unipessoal Lda., based in Estremoz, a region that is known for its excellency on the production of wine, focus its activity exclusively on the production of high standard wines.

Chracterized by its small dimension, it is a family based company with an average annual production of 50.000 bottles of red and 10.000 bottles of white, which are the outcome of an exclusive wine making process of our own grapes on the 8 Hectares of red of red grape varieties (Syrah, Touriga Nacional, Aragonês, Alicante Bouchet, Cabernet Sauvignon and Trincadeira) and 1 Hectare of white grape varieties (Arinto and Antão Vaz).

The Porta de Santa Catarina wine reflects the commitment and dedication of a team that produces the wine year after year, both at the vineyard and the cellar. The Technical person develops a constant follow-up over the work, where all the bottles and grapevines are considered individually, all done with a true spirit of perfection.